Sephora Customer Service Phone Number, 1-877-737-4672

Sephora Customer Service1-877-737-4672

Sephora Customer Service Phone Number Do you know what is amazing about an customer service number which has the most amazing and knowledgeable employees in the industry? The Sephora line of cosmetics that set the standard for excellence in the world.

Sephora connects these two aspects together at its headquarters at Paris, France, reaching out to the world through the same dedication to beauty that is hardly beat by other brands. If you’re in search of makeup and other beauty products that do wonders, Sephora is the brand to choose.

Sephora Customer Service Phone Number

Sephora Customer Service Number

Even the most experienced makeup expert can reveal that the proper care for your skin can be a little elusive.

You must navigate the confusing range of possible conditions and choices, which will help you find the perfect combination to ensure that your appearance shines like the most brilliant star.

This is the reason Sephora provides an array of services to assist you when you make the toughest choices in your beauty.

Customer Service Number: 1-877-737-4672

About Sephora

Sephora was established in 1969, but it was able to come into it’s own under the direction by Dominique Mandonnaud, the man responsible for the distinctive Sephora experience, which is “assisted self-service” sales.

This deviation from the conventional model of retail sales of cosmetics was notable , and was the reason behind their opening their first brick-and-mortar store in 1997.

In 1998, the firm shift to the United States, opening a store in New York City that quickly became the go-to place for top-quality cosmetics.

Each step of the way Sephora did not forget the faces and the people that have made their business great over its long history.

It has always maintained an outstanding customer service in the process. If you’re looking for elegance convenience, and an organization that understands the importance to its clients, you need Sephora. Login/Begin

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