YouTube Video Sharing Company Customer Service

YouTube Company Customer Service1-650-253-0000

You can dial the YouTube Customer Service number, but it is almost impossible to dial unless you are looking for a particular extension. It does offer customer service. However, it’s not surprising that you will be sent back to Google to get technical support and then on to YouTube help for any additional assistance. YouTube truly believes that this is the best representation of us.

YouTube Customer Service number

YouTube Video Sharing Company

Category : TV and Internet 

Telephone Number: (650-253-0000)
Calling hours: 24/7
Founders: Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen Trending
CEO: Susan Wojcicki (2014)
Headquarters: San Bruno, California, USA.
Revenue: US$28.8 billion, (2021)
Owner: Alphabet, Inc.
Founded in 2005 in San Mateo (California), USA

YouTube Customer Service Number

YouTube’s customer service number is almost inutilized for most users. This number will direct you to Google for technical support. If that fails, then to YouTube’s help community.

Changes are occurring in customer service. In communities like YouTube, it is clear that the community will be much more capable of supporting itself as YouTube. There are exceptions, such as being banned and questions about YouTube’s monetization.

Customer Service Number, 1-650-253-0000

About YouTube

2005 saw the creation of a company that would change the definition of what it meant to be active on the internet. This company’s product would change the landscape of entire industries and careers. No one could have predicted how important would be. was created as a Valentine’s Day gift for the world on February 14, 2005.

YouTube had a slow but steady rise in popularity during its first year. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that things really took off. YouTube would cater to both male and female users in equal measures, with the majority of visitors between 12-17 years old. The next big thing was here. was officially established in 2006 by Google’s purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion. YouTube’s impact was so great that Time Magazine named it Person of the Year in 2006. This award was intended to reflect the views and opinions of all who used YouTube.

YouTube made the people of the globe the ‘person of the year’, making them more influential and important than any government leaders or industries. is a key part of any marketing campaign. Thousands of YouTube users have careers that revolve around their presence on YouTube.

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