Yahoo Customer Service Number, 800-305-7664

Yahoo is a company that offers internet-based services, including news, email along with search engines. It was once among the most visited websites within the US, however it has slowed down in recent times. But, it remains an important “web portal” for consumers around the globe. To stay current, Yahoo knows that it must offer excellent customer service for all the accounts that its customers maintain. Customer service representatives can assist you with managing your accounts, address issues with websites, and address any questions you may have.

If you’re looking to contact Yahoo’s customer service department through the following social media channels, email, contact form or portal, then go through this article to find the details. All you need to know concerning Yahoo! mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Groups, ads video sharing, and online mapping. Please use the contact form to connect Yahoo!

Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo! Company

Category: Communication & Media
Founded: 1994, Sunnyvale, California, USA.
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States
Revenue: 740 Cr USD, (2020)
Founders: Jerry Yang, David Filo
Video game: Yahoo! Soccer Manager
Employees: 8,600, (2017)
Email: [email protected]

Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo would like all their customers to be aware that they don’t provide a support telephone number. Any phone numbers you find that claim to connect you with an agent for customer service are fraudulent and fake. Use other methods of contact.

Support Number: 0800 031 4244

Customer Service Number: 800-305-7664

Helpline Number: 1800 763 395

CUSTOMER SERVICE UK: 44-800-014-8093

About Yahoo

In the month of January 1994, Yang And Filo graduated from electrical engineering in the electrical engineering department at Stanford University, when they made a site titled Jerry and David’s introduction to the World Wide Web. It was a human-edited web directory that was organized by hierarchy rather than an index that could be searched.

The site was launched in March 1994. Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web was renamed Yahoo! and was rebranded under the name of Yahoo! and became known as the Yahoo Directory. and became known as the Yahoo Directory “” domain was registered on the 18th of January 1995.

Yahoo is proud of its wide range of services and a long track record of with excellent customer service. From email and messaging as well as search engine and other media websites, They have continuously met the communications needs of their clients and strived to bring them into the world. Their assistance is never from their reach, and they’re always ready to help.

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