Taco Bell Customer Service Number, 1-800-822-6235

Taco Bell is a great fast-food company, and we know some people find it easy to get in touch with them. Today we will be discussing the Taco Bell customer service number as well as other details. Users will be happy to learn that this post provides information about Taco Bell Customer Service and also gives details about Headquarters to find out more about Taco Bell Company.

You can contact them easily by using the post information. We ensure that all information provided is correct and that you can contact them using the numbers. You can also use the near me location feature to access the Google map and visit your local place. You can read the entire post with complete concentration if you need all the information.

Taco Bell customer support specialists are available to answer any questions you may have about their products. You can find the nutritional information for your favorite Grilled Stuft Burrito. Are you looking to make a career out of the Chihuahua’s most famous company?

Perhaps you’d like to purchase some trendy Taco Bell merchandise. You might be one of those lucky people who live in an area that allows delivery. In this case, your Taco Bell fix can be just a phone call away. Get the help you need by calling the Taco Bell team.

Taco Bell Customer Service Number

Taco Bell Fast-Food Restaurant Company

Category: Restaurants
Phone Number: 800-822-6235
Calling Hours: 24/7
Founder: Glen Bell
CEO: Mark King, (2019).
Headquarters: Irvine, California, USA.
Founded: San Bernardino (California), 1962
President: Julie Felss Masino
Revenue: $1.988 Billion, (2015)
Website: www.tacobell.com

Taco Bell Customer Service

Taco Bell’s customer support website provides comprehensive information about their products and the company that makes them. Want nutritional information? You can find it here. Are you looking for a Taco Bell near you? Look it up. You want to find out what goes into a Meximelt.

Customer Support Number: 1-888-822-6235

Washington: (360) 752-0594

Dayton: (937) 461-9568

Orlando: (407) 679-2551

Headquarters Number: 1-949-863-4500

Taco Bell About

Taco Bell is a chain that offers fast food at its restaurants. Glenn Bell founded the company in 1946. Taco Bell’s original offerings were hamburgers and hot dogs. Later, the Mexican chili dogs were served with taco sauce and shakes. The company currently serves food that is loosely based in traditional Tex-Mex cooking.

Taco Bell operates in a variety of places across the United States. Taco Bell, contrary to the past, is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. In 1946, Bell’s Drive-In opened in San Bernadino. The legacy that Bell’s Drive-In would leave behind would change the definition of fast food.

Glen Bell began with American food and would watch customers wait in line at the Mitla Café across the street. Bell realized that these tacos were so popular that customers would line up to get them. Glen Bell, after winning the trust of the owner and discovering the secrets to the best tacos in the world, opened his own taco stand under the name Taco-Tia.

This shop was so successful that he opened four more in southern California, the El Taco area. He built the Taco Bell from the lessons he had learned through these businesses and sold them to his partner. Fast-food history is the rest of this tale. Taco Bell was found all over the globe and shared space with KFC.

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