Pottery Barn Customer Service Number, 00 800 1500 2222

Pottery Barn Customer Service00 800 1500 2222

Customer service for pottery barn throughout Mexico and across the United States, Mexico, Canada along with Puerto Rico can be found stores that offer stunning and distinctive furniture for your home. You will be able to locate them all using the pottery Barn Customer Service number.

Although San Francisco houses its headquarters, Pottery Barn is always expanding the regions it offers its goods, including Australia as well as the Philippines. Actually, one of the only home decoration products you won’t get in Pottery Barn can be found, unintentionally, Pottery.

Pottery Barn Customer Service

Pottery Barn Furniture Company

Category: Home Goods
Customer service: 00 800 1500 2222
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA.
Founder: Paul Secon
Founded: 1949, Manhattan, New York, USA
Calling Hours: 24/7 365
Website: www.potterybarn.com

Pottery Barn Customer Service Number

It is the Pottery Barn customer service number will give you access to an expert team who are available and ready to assist you in everything to do deal in partnership with Pottery Barn. On this site you will be able to get details regarding the details of your Pottery Barn credit card and pay for the purchase on the internet.

Additionally, you can get help in tracking your order and find out how to make an order through the online store. Want to gift an individual with a gift card? You can buy them with the help of these agents and then send them to the person you wish to gift them.

Customer Service Number:00 800 1500 2222

Phone Number: 888-779-5176

About Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn, the upscale store that offers all kinds of home decor, with the exception of pottery. What was the story behind its beginnings? It was in 1949 that the creator Paul Secon began a business built on the barns filled with pottery made by a well-known pottery maker who was from Alfred, N.Y.

This was the first item that the company offered for sale and the business would grow to seven stores until 1968 when the owners decided to sell their stakes. The company was sold on to The Gap in 1984 as an elegant furniture store and its pottery days were from being over.

Today, Pottery Barn has a reputation as one of the most revered and sought-after manufacturers of furnishings for homes with upscale customers.

It has been featured in a variety of genres of pop culture such as Friends to Seinfeld and has been a staple throughout America cultural history for so many years that it was featured in the show The Odd Couple.

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