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Mohela Customer Service00 1 636-532-0600

Mohela Customer Service Telephone Number Assistance, Mohela: The Higher Education Loan Authority of the State of Missouri is also known as MOHELA, also known as the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority or MOHELA is one of the largest servicers and holders of loans for students in the United States. The company’s headquarters are located at St. Louis, Missouri.

MOHELA is one of the top ten student loan servicers on the internet. Find out what you need to be aware of about MOHELA to enhance the customer experience should MOHELA will be your loan provider for your students. In this article, you will learn about MOHELA.

Mohela Customer Service


Customer service: 00 1 636-532-0600
Parent organization: Government of Missouri
Headquarters: Chesterfield, Missouri, United States
Founded: 1981
Employees: 625, (2013)

MOHELA Customer Service Number:

There are many ways to reach MOHELA Customer Service:

MOHELA Phone Number: 1-888-866-4352

Customer Service: 1-888-866-4352

About Mohela

Mohela is an organization that services student loans that focuses on providing custom solutions to repaying loans as well as help in financing postgraduate and college education.

The company’s 530 employees have fully trained to know Federal Policy and Regulations regarding student loans. They are able to assist in creating a unique repayment plan for each student, based on their current financial situation. Mohela also has a dedicated Customers Advocacy Team to assist borrowers in particularly difficult circumstances.

The company also assists institutions by providing reports on the borrowers, on-line tools for borrowers, as well as access to their payment plans, along with an on-call hotline for any queries or questions.

What is a student loan servicer?

A service provider for student loans will collect and manage your student loans. If you’re a recipient of federal student loans than the U.S. Department of Education assigns you a servicer for student loans when your loan is paid to your university or graduate school.

An Student lender might be different from your lender. You take out a student loan through your loan provider, however you pay the Student Loan Servicer.

Service providers for student loans can assist you with your student loan repayments, however they aren’t only acting to be your financial adviser. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of all the options for repayment because the service provider for your student loans may be acting in their own best interest, rather than your best interests.

MOHELA Student Loan Options for Repayment

MOHELA provides a variety of student loan repayment options:

Standard Repayment Plans Standard Repayment plan is a period of between 10 and 10 years. If you consolidate Federal student loan, you are able to repay as long as 30 years. The repayments are set amounts that are capped at 50 dollars per month.

Extended Repayment Program, A longer repayment plan allows you to repay the option of up to 25 years of time to pay off those student loans.

Gradually Repaying Plan The graduated plan begins with a small monthly installment and is usually increased at least every 2 years. The repayment period is usually 10 years (and can be as long as 30 years for Direct Consolidation loan).

Incentives-Driven Repayment Plans Also, you can sign up for the Income Driven Repayment plan, which reduces your monthly payments dependent the discretionary earnings you earn. When you pay with an income-driven plan the monthly amount could be as small as $0.MOHELA provides five kinds of income-driven repayment plans.

How do I pay student loan installments to MOHELA

The best method for making the payment for your student loan is through the MOHELA website. You can use your MOHELA student loans login. When you sign up via MOHELA’s website MOHELA website, you’ll establish an ID and password.

It is important to sign up to join the MOHELA auto debit program to ensure that the student loan payments are automatically deducted from your account every month. This will to ensure that you don’t incur any fees for late payments or have a adverse impact on your credit score.

You can pay a student loan via MOHELA’s automated telephone system by dialing 1-888-866-4352. Login/Begin

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