LabCorp Customer Service Number, 1-800-845-6167

LabCorp Customer Service 1-800-845-6167

LabCorp Customer’s Service number, Testing Laboratories Company Mailing Address, and LabCorp Map of the Location. LabCorp Customer Service toll-free phone number is 1-800-845-6167. Just one phone call will put you in touch LabCorp’s customer service number, and the experts at LabCorp the biggest company globally in healthcare diagnostics.

Every year thousands of tests are conducted by this group, which aim to improve the health of employees and well-being and evaluate the fitness to work by taking an alcohol test, and to list a handful of the tests they conduct. These tests are offered to employers, police as well as parents concerned about screening their kids for drug use.

LabCorp Customer Service

Testing Laboratories Company

Category: Retail
Phone Number: 800-845-6167
Address: 531 South Spring Street, Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Calling Hours: 24/7 365
Headquarters: Burlington, North Carolina, USA.
CEO: Adam H Schechter, (2019)
Revenue: 1,397.85 Cr USD, (2020)
Headquarters: Burlington, North Carolina, USA.
Founded: 1978
Net income: 238 Cr USD, (2021)

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LabCorp Customer Service Number

The personnel of LabCorp’s LabCorp customer service line is ready to provide you with all the necessary information to obtain quick results from lab tests. Every day, thousands of tests are received from patients who have attended sessions at the local LabCorp locations.

One phone call can set up an appointment for a paternity test, provide the necessary test results and handle the specifics of bill payment for patients or change or cancel the appointment.

This is the kind of ease you’ll get using LabCorp. The tests offered by LabCorp are routine blood test, testing for hackberry, salivary cortisol levels, Scleroma diagnostic profiles and many other tests. Each test can provide crucial information to your doctor regarding your current health status, which could include possible problems with glandular or allergic reactions and the health of your organs for just the most common.

Customer Service Number:  1-800-845-6167

LabCorp Customer Service: 888-522-2677

LabCorp Mailing Address

Do you need to make an amount to pay for the test? Are you interested in knowing the location of your lab tests taking you? At times, you might be told that something has to be delivered to the address of headquarters listed below. Don’t send any items to this address without prior authorization to do this.

Postal Address:531 South Spring Street
Burlington, North Carolina, 27215.

About LabCorp

Being one of the largest clinical laboratory networks, LabCorp has 36 main labs in the United States alone. Prior to that, it was called Roche Biomedical, LabCorp merged in 1995 with National Health Laboratory with its headquarters located in Burlington, North Carolina.

The company expanded rapidly under the direction under the direction of Michael E Lillig, ending with sales of $12 million at the time that Lillig’s tenure came to an end. The company’s name was changed in 1995, changing to Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings or LabCorp.

The company was earning cash hand-over-fist in 1995, generating revenue of more than US $1.7 billion. Management was skilled in the management of debts and eventually led the company to its current level of fame.

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