ICICI Bank Customer Care Service Number, 1800 103 8181

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How to get the information about ICICI Bank Customer Service? Don’t worry; not a big issue, here we are to solve all your questions related to ICICI Bank Service. ICICI Customer Care, Welcome to ICICI Bank, an ideal destination for Personal Banking need! We offered a wide range of personal banking services.

From here, you get the latest information. Also, you can find your solution by connecting www.icicibank.com  Read it and understand every point with smartness.

ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company. It is India’s largest private sector bank. ICICI Bank is the second-largest bank in India in terms of assets and market capitalization. It is one of the Big Fout Banks of India. Here, we give a helpline number for your help.

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ICICI Bank Headquarter

ICICI Bank offer products and service like online money transfer & tracking service, loans, automated lockers, credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallet. You shared a headquarters details below and our customer support site gives you all customer service number of ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Number

  • ICICI Bank Headquarter address: Bandra kurla complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • ICICI Bank headquarters phone number: +91 22 33667777
  • Fax: +91 22 26531122

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number:

Location                                         Customer Care Number

Andhra Pradesh                                             7306667777

Ahmedabad                                                    07933667777/07944455000

Assam                                                               9864667777

Bangalore                                                         08033667777/080444550000

Bihar                                                                  8102667777

Bhopal                                                               7553366777

Chhattisgarh                                                       9098667777

Bhubaneswar                                                   6743366777

Goa                                                                  9021667777

Chandigarh                                                     0172 3366777/0172 4445500

Gujarat                                                             8000667777

Chennai                                                            044 33667777/044 44455000

Haryana                                                            9017667777

Dehradun                                                          1353366777

Himachal Pradesh                                           9817667777

Delhi                                                                  011 33667777/011 44455000

Jammu & Kashmir                                           9018667777

Ernakulam                                                        4843366777

Jharkhand                                                        8102667777

Gurgaon                                                           0124 3366777/0124 44455000

Karnataka                                                        8088667777

Hyderabad                                                      04033667777/04044455000

Kerala                                                               9020667777

Jaipur                                                               01413366777/014144455000

Madhya Pradesh                                            9098667777

Kolkata                                                             033 33667777/033 444550000

Maharashtra                                                   9021667777

Lucknow                                                           05223366777/05224445500

Orissa                                                                9692667777

Mumbai                                                            022 33667777/022 44455000

Punjab                                                               7307667777

Panaji                                                                 8323366777

Rajasthan                                                           7877667777

Patna                                                             6123366777

Tamil Nadu                                                   7305667777

Raipur                                                            7713366777

Telangana                                                      7306667777

Ranchi                                                             6513344339

Uttar Pradesh                                               8081667777

Shimla                                                            1773366777

Uttarakhand                                                 8081667777

West Bengal                                                  810667777

Zone                                                 Telephone number

North                                                          011 33551230

South                                                         080 33551230

East                                                            040 33551230

West                                                           022 33551230

ICICI Bank Near Me

Worried about how to get the ICICI Bank direction? Not to worry, we guide you to reach there.  We show your easiest way to reach simply. You just follow given directions by ICICI Bank near Me. And you can clear all your ICICI Bank service quires by visiting.


We just hope you have no quires in given data and simply understand every detail about ICICI Bank service zone. ICICI Customer Care Hope this information helps you a lot to find issues and clear problems too. For more details.

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