Forever 21 Customer Service Number, E-mail Support & Near Me Location

Forever 21 Customer Service Toll-Free number, 080 4648 55177 The most outstanding fashion teams from Forever 21’s customer service. Forever 21’s customer support via email and near me location.

The company was first established at Los Angeles, California, this renowned retailer chain has expanded from a small space of 900 square feet located in Los Angeles in 1984 to more than 600 stores across the World. If you’re in search of local stores or to learn how to exchange an item you bought on the internet, their customer support team is available to assist you.

forever 21 customer service – 080 4648 5177

Forever 21 Customer Service

Forever 21 Clothing company

Category: Apparel & Footwear.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Phone number: 888-494-3837.
Hours: 7am – 8pm Monday-Friday, 7am – 5pm Saturday, 8am – 5pm Sunday.

Forever 21 Customer Service Number

Forever 21 Customer Service Number Forever 21 Customer Service Number gives you access to the entire array of support options available by their team. Are you interested in finding out what you can do to exchange or return? Call. Verify the balance on the Forever 21 credit line?

They are able to handle this. Are you wondering if you can purchase a specific style, can place an order on the internet or see if a local shop sells it? It’s only a matter of time. That’s the kind of service you’ll get when in the hands of one of the most prestigious clothing stores around the globe.

  • Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-494-3837
  • Toll-Free Number: 080 4648 5177
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Website:

The Forever 21 Store Near Me Map of Location

Forever 21 locations throughout America. United States as 2022. Forever 21 Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, U.S. Near Me Location Map. The state that has the highest amount of Forever 21 locations in the US is California.

About Forever 21

Forever 21 started life as Fashion 21 was brought into existence by Jin Sook and Do Won Chang, the couple who moved from Korea to Los Angeles from Korea to launch a new line of clothing. The original store is operating and still uses the name that was originally used for the brand.

Since the day it came into existence, the company began to earn profits fast with sales exceeding $700,000 the very first year. 19 years later, it was a company earning over $3.8 billion in revenues. It was initially planned to be a fashion brand for women, but after the initial popularity, they took the right choice of producing clothing for men too.

They now stock a selection of merchandise for women and men, available in sizes from plus-size to petite clothes. In addition, you can shop their collection of clothes for women and items for the home and lifestyle. Forever 21 continues t grow its inventory and keep its relationship with customers across every aspect of their service.

  • The Customer Service number is 1-888-494-337
  • Physical Location: 2001 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA, 90058
  • Customer service: 080 4648 5177
  • CEO: Winnie Park, (2022)
  • Revenue: 340 million US, (2017)
  • Founding Partners: Do Won Chang, Jin Sook Chang.

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