FedEx Customer Service Number and Email Address

Are you in search of details about FedEx Customer Service, Then you’re in the right page. We have to give the information. FedEx customer service number Here’s a quick way to solve a problem With FedEx Customer Service department by calling the following contact numbers, email contact form, and live chat. If you need to send an important package that needs to be delivered within the stipulated timeframe, it is best to contact for the FedEx contact for customer support.

The experienced experts in export and import will assist you with your package and bring them on their way to the destination within the fastest possible time. The delivery of your package overnight isn’t just a dream when you use FedEx, it’s an everyday aspect of business, and they have earned an enormous amount of trust among clients every year through their commitment to their word on.

FedEx truckload brokerage FedEx Truckload Brokerage, Expedite, Surface Expedite, credit card support FedEx Ground Tracking, FedEx Express Tracking For more information on tracking support, search for customer support numbers FedEx Customer Service 1800 209 6161 This article contains FedEx Customer Care toll-free number.

FedEx Customer Service Number

FedEx Transport company

Category: Shipping
Phone Number: 1800 209 6161
Price stock: FDX (NYSE), $220.52
CEO: Frederick W. Smith, (1971)
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Founder: Frederick W. Smith
Founded: 1971, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
Revenue: US$83.959 billion, (2021)
Employees: Total: 850,000, (2020)

FedEx Customer Service Number

Are you interested in knowing when FedEx is coming to your area? Need assistance on how to make labels and documentation to your package, are you looking to determine precisely where the package is delivered to the drop-off location at which you want it?

This can be done by calling and speaking to the expert team at FedEx. The FedEx team has helped customers get the most crucial packages since the time that the company began its business in the year 2000, and are they are proud to continue helping up to the present day.

FedEx Customer Service: 1800 209 6161

Truckload Brokerage: 1-888-444-5940

Air Expedite: 1-866-551-4033

Surface Expedite: 1-866-274-6117

Credit card assistance: 1 800-622-1147

Customer Service: 800-622-1147

Ground Tracking: 1-800-762-3725.

Express Tracking: 1-800-463.3339

Email Address

Are you tracking the status of a package or submit a photo of a package which arrived damaged as part of your claim? You can contact the customer support email of FedEx to receive assistance in the resolution of these types of issues. They will respond quickly from their customer support team via email.

Email Address: [email protected]

FedEx About

The company that transports goods is among the most well-known names in global shipping and parcels. It was founded in 1997 and officially classified as an export/import company. It began as a business which only offered express shipping. It accomplished this with such perfection that it soon expanded and gained the trust of business experts across the world.

After a successful growth period of 7 years, they took a move to acquire Kinko’s business to create FedEx available to people through these retail stores. The company today serves all over the world with its global stores and has over 400,000 workers. FedEx began operations in 1971.

decades ago, FedEx Corporation can be an American international courier transport company headquartered located in Memphis, Tennessee. Two: The name FedEx could be an abbreviation of syllabic form of the name of the company’s distinctive melodic branch Federal Ex media (currently FedEx convey) which was using since 1973, prior to 2000.

FedEx Business Is Famous for its fast delivery and creating a system to track bundles and provide real Time updates to the location of your bundle (to aid in the search for lost bundles) this is a function that is available with the majority of Other Service Providers, FedEx Complete growth in equity US$19.416 billion (2018), FedEx Functioning income decrease US$4.870 billion.

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This information will be helpful to you regarding is useful to you. FedEx Customer Service, FedEx Headquarters, and FedEx Near ME will be helpful to you. If you’re looking to find the details regarding this FedEx Contact Number, you should go to our website for more details about it. FedEx customer service toll-free numbers as well as an email contact form live chat.

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