Dish Network Customer Care Number, 1860-258-3474

Dish Customer Service Number 1860-258-3474

In this post, will show call number for Dish Network on this phone number to talk to a Dish Network Customer Service representative. For more information regarding channels guide, paying bills by phone, packages guide, TV codes, Note control support, on-demand services, tailgater, prices and technical support, use the specific phone numbers given below of the Dish Customer Service.

In this post, you will get more details Dish Network Headquarters information like Dish Network Headquarters Address and Dish Network Phone Number. Dish Network Headquarters details are also included in this post. You get an information about the Dish Network Headquarters and Dish Network Customer Service number 1860-258-3474, details are including in this post.

Dish Network Customer Care

Dish Network Headquarters

Dish Network Corporation is a U.S. television provider. Based in Meridian, Colorado, it is the owner of the direct-broadcast satellite provider Dish and the internet streaming service Sling TV. As of November 2016, the company provided services to 13.7 million television and 580 thousand broadband subscribers. You get more information about the Dish Network.

  • Dish Headquarters Address: Englewood, Colorado, United States
  • Dish Headquarters Phone Number: 1-303-723-1000
  • Dish Network Official Website:

Dish Network Customer Service Number

  • Dish Network New Orders 1-888-656-2461
  • Customer Service Number (Existing Customers) 1-855-318-0572
  • Dish Network Tailgater 1-888-615-3724
  • Dish Pay Bill By Phone 1-800-333-3474
  • Phone Number For Dish Cable, 1-888-434-0112

Additional Customer Service Number of Dish Network

  • New Customer Concierge 1-888-715-3291
  • Dish Special Deals And Offers 1-888-683-8259
  • Move dish to new Home 1-888-557-9569
  • Cancel dish network service 1-888-283-2309
  • Dish Satellite 1-866-974-1617
  • Dish Hopper GO Phone Number 1-888-708-8825
  • Suspend dish service 1-888-876-7918
  • Dish Network Phone Number 1-800-823-4929

Dish Network Near Me Locations:


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