Discover Customer Service Phone Number, 1-800-347-7700

Contact number for Discover Bank customer service as well as Discover’s Mailing Address. Discover Financial Services, is the most well-known brand for their Discover Card- a credit card that is ranked just below Visa as well as Mastercard as the most popular credit card company across the United States; a vast collection of useful details such as their customer service telephone number, as well as their the Discover nearest me address.

is available on their site. More than fifty million Americans are currently using a Discover Card today. The year was 1986. Discover introduced the first cash reward credit card to cater to the needs of cardholders. Since when they first began, they’ve valued customer service and have dedicated to achieving excellence in this regard. A wide range of banking, credit and payment options are provided by Discover.

Discover provides a variety of services, and their Help Center system is a reflection of this. There is a separate page dedicated to every one of the categories listed below including: Credit Card Help Center, Credit Resource Center, Banking Help Center, Home Equity Help Center and Student Loans Help as well as personal Loans Help, Business Card Help as well as the Gift Card Help. Each page provides detailed, specific information that provides a wide array of customer-related answers.

For its Contact Us page, there are a variety of ways to contact the right contact person in each of these categories. A customer may send a postal mail, or inquire about general information via telephone, or converse with a representative using live chat at any time, and the service is readily available.

Discover Customer Service

Discover Financial Services

Category: Banking
Phone number: 800-347-2683
Headquarters: Riverwoods, Illinois, USA.
Headquarters: Riverwoods, Illinois, USA.
Revenue: US$12.95 billion, (2020)
Founded: 1985, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Employees: 17,600, (2020)

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Discover Customer Service Phone Numbers

Alongside these numbers, more alternatives are available on the Contact Us page for the area in which assistance is needed. There are a variety of numbers that are easily located via the Discover website to address more specific requirements and questions. Customers who require immediate general customer service inquiries are advised to contact Discover by dialing 1-800-347-2683.

Online Banking Help inquiries: 1-800-347-7700

Create an account or contact technical assistance: 1-800-290-9885

For inquiries about Personal Loans, at: 1-800-290-9885

Student Loans Call us at: 1-800-788-368.

Home Equity Loans inquiries: 1-855-295-2193

Customers who have Corporate Information at: 1-24-405-1747

Discover Mailing Address

While it’s not the fastest way to process your query, comment or complaint, Contact Discover via an email or physical mail to inquiries from customers:

Discover Financial Services: P.O. Box 30943, Salt Lake City, UT 8130-0943.

Pay by post: P.O. Box 6103 Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103.

About Discover

Discover Bank also known as Discover Financial Services, Inc. is a business that offers Discover credit card. The majority of cards bearing that Discover label are offered by the company. It has existed in its financial markets since, however, it is not an independent company. It was part of the companies such as Sears and Dean Witter and eventually Morgan Stanley.

In 2007, Discover Financial Services, Inc. became an independent. It is currently the third-largest credit card company in the nation. The amount of Discover cardholders is about 50 million. The headquarters of the company is at Riverwoods, Illinois, U.S.

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