Burger King Customer Service Number, 866-394-2493

Burger King information are also included in this article. can be reached by dialing Service Number 7am until 11 pm, 1-866-394-2493. Burger King Customer Service Toll-Free Helpline number, BK Customer Care toll-Free Helpline Contact numbers for service.

Enjoy your meal by calling number Burger King customer service number to learn how to avoid the error of buying McDonald’s. It’s okay, but sometimes we make mistakes, for instance, Then, a year later, the company was almost bankrupt and was bought by two men who recognized that it was a good thing after seeing it. They named the business Burger King.

Burger King Customer Service

Burger King Fast-Food Restaurant Company

Category: Food & Drink
Phone Number: 866-394-2493
Address 4220 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka, IN 46545
Founded: 1954, Miami, Florida, USA.
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States
CEO: Jose Cil, (2019)
Net income: 117,700,000 US dollar, (2012)
Revenue: 1,970,000,000 US dollar, (2012)
Founders: James McLamore, David Edgerton
Website: www.bk.com

Burger King Customer Service Number

Do you want to give a shout-out to your favorite Burger King restaurant? Call the restaurant and give them the number. Perhaps you’re looking to know exactly the ingredients on the burger you love, or try to track an item on the menu that you’ve been searching for but is no longer available in your local area.

All of this and much more can be found by calling Burger King through their customer service number and asking any questions you have. For everything from Cheesy Tots and Chicken Fries, Burger King is home to some of the finest food options available.

Customer Service Number: 1-866-394-2493

Canada Customer Service- 1-844-576-0546

Phone number: 0844 248 2696

Canada: (844) 576-0546

BK Crown Card: (888) 323-9881

Burger King About

Burger King (BK) can be described as an American, world-wide chain of take-out restaurants serving burgers. Following the time that Burger King ran to financial difficulties in 1954, franchisees from Miami David Edgerton and also James MC Lamore acquired the business and changed its name to Burger King.

Over the next 50 years it changed hands four times in a day and would be followed by its subsequent associates, which included a joint venture between TPG money, Bain Capital, and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, which went public in 2002.

In the year 2010 that was long overdue, 3-G richness of Brazil acquired a huge of the company’s shares, with a value of US$3.26 billion. The owners immediately initiated the process of restructuring their business to reverse its fortunes.

3G and 3G, along with their spouse Berkshire Hathaway, finally merged the business with the doughnuts made in Canada by Tim Hortons, beneath the umbrella of the brand-new parent company based in Canada, called Restaurant manufacturers worldwide.

The 1970s were to be the peak of advertising for their company, however beginning in the 1980s, Burger King advertisements began declining in popularity. A series of highly successful advertising campaigns aided by an array of advertising agencies continued for the next two decades.

In 2003, Burger King employed the Miami-based agency for advertising and marketing Crispin Porter CP+B which completely restructured its advertising with the help of a string of fresh campaigns that were based on the Burger King character forecasted The King and a brand new online presence.

Burger King profits Boost US$4.05 billion FY 2015, Burger King Running income Reduce US$363.0 million FY 2015, Burger King Internet revenue Reduce US$1.912 billion FY 2015, Burger King complete equity reduction US$2.912 billion FY 2015 Burger King Quick food grocery store firm.

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