BSNL Customer Care And Toll Free Number, 1800 345 1500

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BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) Is there any issue with our BSNL Service, Here, we give you the BSNL Customer Care or BSNL Toll-free Number, Where You get the right information about all Your issues with Our BSNL Service. Now let’s go to connect the BSNL Service. BSNL Customer Care Number, BSNL is the fourth-largest Mobile telephony Provider in India.

also, It is India’s Oldest Communication Service Provider. BSNL Supply a complete telecom Service Solution to Customer and deliver an internet access Service through dial-up Connection as Prepaid.

You want to get the online customer service of the BSNL, then you have to go to the official website of BSNL. You can visit BSNL at After opening the site of BSNL Online Support, then you have to select your State. BSNL Customer Care. After you can easily short out your problem with BSNL.

BSNL Customer care Number BSNL Toll-free Number online

BSNL Headquarter Address:

  • Bharat Sanchar Bhavan
    Harish Chandra Mathur Lane
    Janpath, New Delhi-110, 001
  • BSNL Toll-free Number- 1800 345 1500
  • BSNL Service Customer Care Number- 1800-345-1500

BSNL give you numerous Customer Care Number to connect with BSNL Service. First, we give you all BSNL Customer Service Number which helps you to get out from issues after We discuss How to connect with BSNL.

  • BSNL LANDLINE: 1800 345 1500
  • BSNL MOBILE: 1800 180 1503
  • BSNL WILL: 1800 180 1502
  • BSNL MPLS-VPN: 1800 425 1957

This is the main number of the BSNL Service. BSNL give you LANDLINE, MOBILE, WILL, BROADBAND, MPLS-VPN Services. if you want to connect with this service for any inquiry, then you check below.

BSNL Customer Care Number

BSNL Customer Care Number

  • Andhra Pradesh: (+91) 94400-24365
  • Assam: (+91) 94350-24365
  • Andaman & Nicobar: (+91) 94340-24365
  • Bihar: (+91) 94310-24365 or (+91) 94312-24365
  • Chennai: (+91) 94440-24365
  • Chhattisgarh: (+91) 94252-01243 or (+91) 94252-01041
  • Goa: (+91) 94220-24365
  • Gujarat: (+91) 94260-24365
  • Haryana: (+91) 94160-24365
  • Himachal Pradesh: (+91) 94180-24365
  • Jammu & Kashmir: (+91) 94190-24365
  • Karnataka: (+91) 94480-24365
  • Kerala: (+91) 94470-24365
  • Kolkata: (+91) 94330-24365
  • Madhya Pradesh: (+91) 94250-24365 or (+91) 94251-24365
  • Orissa: (+91) 94370-24365
  • Punjab: (+91) 94170-24365
  • Rajasthan: (+91) 94140-24365
  • Rest of Maharashtra: (+91) 94221-24365 or (+91) 94220-24365
  • Rest of Bengal: (+91) 94340-24365
  • Rest of Tamil Nadu: (+91) 94430-24365 or (+91) 94440-24365
  • Uttar Pradesh East: (+91) 94150-24365
  • Uttar Pradesh West: (+91) 94120-24365
  • Uttarakhand: (+91) 94120-24365

Note: You can dial 1500 for more quires of the BSNL Service.

This number is the manual of practice for BSNL Customers. And we also give you BSNL Broadband Service Number above. so that you do not need to go anywhere for its numbers too.

BSNL Nearest Customer Center

Now you easily solve your problems by visiting the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center. Find your closest customer service of BSNL and visit it to solve your problem.


I hope this BSNL Service Data will help you to clear up all issues. You can easily connect with headquarters, you can contact by your other contact number at BSNL Headquarters at any time. BSNL Customer Care, If you find any tackle and quires in this process, comment below. If you want to know more about another company.

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