Bloomingdale’s Department Customer Service

Bloomingdale’s Customer Service800-777-0000

Bloomingdale’s customer support number connects you with an international retailer with locations across the globe and a renowned store located in New York City. If you’re looking for top-quality clothes, appliances, makeup men’s fashion and a myriad of other kinds of merchandise.

this premier and most well-known department store can offer everything you require. Their reputation for high-quality products is only matched by their care for their customers and their excellent service.

Bloomingdale's Customer Service

Bloomingdale’s Department Store Company

Category: Retail
Phone Number: 800-777-0000
Headquarters: New York, New York, USA.
CEO: Tony Spring, (2014)
Founded: 1861
Revenue: 107.2 Cr, USD
Founders: Joseph B. Bloomingdale, Lyman Bloomingdale


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Bloomingdale’s Customer Service Number

Bloomingdale’s international operation means that the customer service can be reached all hours of the day all seven days of the week, all year. No wherever you are or what the issue is the helpful and professional service is there to assist you.

United States Customer Service: +1 (800) 777-0000

Credit Customer Service: 1-888-257-6762

Technical Assistance: 1-877-493-9207

Online Credit TDD/TTY: 1-800-281-0820

International: 1-513-573-8170

About Bloomingdale’s

In the middle of the nineteenth century, there was a ladies Notion Shop was opened. It was to become a symbol of an entire community and be an iconic symbol of the business. In 1872, it did something daring and expanded to offer various kinds of clothing for women.

It marked the beginning of a brand-new business, a brand-new type of store that was a department store. It grew so fast and spread its selection that 40 years later, the Bloomingdale’s store occupied the all-encompassing city block. Department store are the primary source of shopping in the present, which is the essence of what we call big box stores.

It was Bloomingdale’s who set the benchmark for them. Today, Bloomingdale’s is associated with uniqueness, quality and innovation, which are the same qualities that helped establish its position within the market during its beginning days.

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