Amazon Customer Service Number, 1-888-280-4331

We have provided details about Amazon Customer Service or Amazon Address and the number. The information we provide is highly beneficial for you. Amazon is an authentic and reliable online retailer. Shopping on the internet, huge Electronic trade company Amazon customer care is as follows. The toll-free phone numbers offered. An Amazon customer is looking for Amazon contact number toll-free Amazon helpline number, 1-888-280-4331.

Amazon American digital Business. Amazon has multiple retail websites that cater to the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Eire, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico. In the year 2016, both Dutch, Polish, and Turkish versions on Amazon’s German Amazon website were to be launched.

Amazon customers enjoy a variety of benefits when they sign to Amazon Prime’s membership. However, members may encounter issues that require them to reach out to Amazon Prime’s Amazon Prime department for resolution. Some members may experience issues with or may want to cancel their Amazon Prime account.

They could have issues with an order made by using Prime benefits. Amazon offers a variety of ways to contact an Amazon Customer Service agent to assist solve any problems that you may have. Contact options are usually quick, and the agents are available to assist you.

Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon Company

Category: Online Retail
Address: 410 Terry Ave N Seattle, WA 98109, USA.
Founded: 1994; Bellevue, Washington, U.S.
Founder: Jeff Bezos
Net income: US$33.364 billion, (2021)
Employees: 1,608,000, (2021)
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington and Arlington, Virginia, U.S.
Revenue: US$469.822 billion, (2021)
Link: Apps Install

Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon company is now offering Amazon Customer Service global transportation of its various products to different countries. Amazon customer service mobile number and Amazon customer service number is available 24 hours a day. the Amazon customer support number 24/7.

Canadian Customer Service: 877-586-3230

Toll-Free Number: 1-888-280-4331

Kindle Support: 866-321-8851

Customer Service: 888-280-3321

Amazon Prime: 1-866-216-1072

Amazon UK: 0870 280 2518

Amazon Europe: 0800 496 1081

Amazon Australia: 1-206-266-2992

If you are in need of Amazon Telephone Contact Numbers as well as Amazon Technical Support, please contact us.

Amazon Prime Email Address

Go to and control your Prime account. Then, in the initial choice, select the “Prime or something else” option. Then, select the option that is most suitable to your needs from the choices below.

Utilize your Option 2 option below. Select your concern and provide the relevant details in these dropdowns. After that, then an Option 3 will pop up with the question, “How would you like to contact us.” The choices are email or phone, as well as chat. Select the email option to begin. Write the issue you’re facing in the field provided, and it will be sent to Amazon. Amazon will reply to the email address you’ve got in the file.

Mailing Address: Amazon, 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA, 98109-5210.

Maybe you’d like to contact Amazon Prime by mail regarding any issues or concerns you may have. Amazon Prime doesn’t have its own physical address, however you can mail your message to the address below and maybe the person will forward your message to the right department or the right person.

Amazon Call Customer Support?

Customers call Amazon customer service to discuss a variety of issues, such as:

  • Concerns about the status of an order
  • Requests for exchanges or refunds
  • Help in updating the information on your account
  • Concerns about charges for debit credit cards, gift cards or credit
  • Technical Support
  • Assistance by utilizing Prime membership or other Prime services.
  • Indicating instances of fraud or identity theft
  • Assistance by providing Amazon gift cards.

Practices for Calling Amazon Customer Service

While it is feasible for customers to contact Amazon customer service directly, Amazon prefers that you start your call through the online platform.

  • After you’ve visited Contact Us after visiting the “Contact Us” page, you can request a phone call. You’ll be directed to a different page where you’ll be asked several questions about your issue. After that, you will be contacted by the Amazon representative will contact you to discuss your concern.
  • If you choose to contact Amazon directly, remember that Amazon will give you a verification message that you must answer before speaking to an agent.
  • You must have all the information concerning your issue prior to making contact. If you’re calling to inquire about an order, keep the order number in your pocket and the items included of the order.
  • Make sure you take notes during the conference. These notes can be very helpful in the event that you are required to escalate your situation.

About Amazon Prime, Inc. is an American publicly-owned company. It is a leader in the field of electronic commerce. Amazon is located at Seattle, Washington. was founded as an online retailer owned by Jeff Bezos in 1995. The site later was expanded to include other product categories of DVD, videotapes music CDs and computer software, as well as apparel electronic and sporting goods, jewelry toys, baby items furniture, and many more.

Amazon was among the first companies to market products through the Internet. In 1997, the company had completed its first public offering. Amazon has managed to get through the bubble at the latter part of 1990 and regain its profitability.

Amazon Prime is an Amazon membership program that provides certain advantages for its members. Benefits include free shipping on specific purchases, music, movie and TV show streaming, unlimited reading, and exclusive offers on purchases. Particular benefits are described below.

Prime Rewards includes the Prime Rewards Visa Card, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card, Amazon Prime Store Card and Amazon Prime Reload. Cardholders can earn 5% cash back from by using Amazon Prime Reload. Prime Credit Card and 2 percent cashback on debit purchases through Prime Reload.

Prime Delivery: Free two-day shipping on over 100 million products, free two-hour delivery on same day in certain areas, as well as free release date delivery on pre-ordered items that are eligible.

Prime Video offers unlimited streaming of thousands of TV and film shows.

Amazon Channels: Prime customers enjoy access to premium channels such as Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. at a special discount.

Prime Music: Offers an ever-growing collection of 2 million songs that are free. Amazon Music Unlimited is available for a discounted price.

Prime Reading: Allows unlimited access to more than 11,000 comics, magazines, books and articles Kindle Singles, and more. It is available for every Kindle gadget or application.

Twitch Prime: Offers free games every month. Members get exclusive discounts on the latest release of video games as well as other content.

Prime Early Access Provides 30 minutes earlier access, Lightning Deals offered daily.

Prime Photos: Provides free unlimited photo storage to the Prime member as well as five additional members.

Amazon Privacy Policy recognizes that Users are concerned about how the data of the user of the website is shared and used, and Amazon respects the confidence of the Client in the fact that The Company will do so prudently and with prudence. This notice provides Amazon’s privacy policies. When visiting, The user of the Website accepts the policies that are described within this Privacy Notice.

The information that the Website gathers from its customers help The Company personalize and continually enhance the customer’s Amazon experience. Below are the kinds of data Amazon collects. Information on the customers of the company is a crucial aspect of the business of Amazon, as is the fact that The Company are not in the business of selling this information to third parties.

Amazon shares customer data only as detailed below and in conjunction with its subsidiaries, Inc. controls, which are either bound by the Privacy Notice or have practices that are at least as secure as the ones described in the Privacy Notice. The third-party service providers: Sites uses different companies and individuals to perform tasks on company’s behalf.

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